I started writing press releases several years ago when I was in charge of North American operations for a small Chinese online game company. At first I was surprised when the Chinese management wouldn’t sign off on my early requests for global press release distribution, which was only a few hundred dollars – especially when they had no problem allocating thousands of dollars for banner ads, which had a mixed record of success. They really didn’t understand what a press release was – they apparently thought it was some kind of advertising. When I finally convinced them to give PR a try, they were truly impressed at all the new traffic and exposure a well written press release can bring. I realized then that there was a niche to be filled.

Since then I’ve been working in the Chinese game industry to bring games developed in China to players in the English speaking world. This involves a long process of localization, testing, proofreading, more testing, licensing, and finally publishing. Press releases are an important part of the process in that they communicate achievements and milestones to a worldwide audience while raising awareness of a company and its products. People prefer working with someone they’ve heard of or read about before.

Finally one day in 2010 two mutual friends were talking and my name came up in their conversation – the result was my first request to write a press release from someone other than an employer or industry client. I was nervous because the release had nothing to do with the game industry, and was well outside my comfort zone. It turned out well though, and I was asked to write more. Soon I was getting requests for press releases on a regular basis, all through word of mouth, from friends of friends.

Now that I have an established portfolio and a bunch of happy clients, I’m comfortable offering my services to a wider audience. So far, in addition to press releases I’ve written website copy, done internet marketing for a restaurant, and created a trivia quiz about American history and culture for the USA Pavilion at the recent Shanghai World Expo.

Most of my projects involve personalized service, fast turnaround times, and affordable rates. I look forward to hearing from you! Contact me and we can get started immediately.

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